Friday, September 4, 2009


So about a year ago, after moving to Portland, OR, one of my first clients to contact me was a sweet snowboard manufacturer in Canada, named CLYDE snowboards. Anyhow, I did a series of snowboards called "Truce" for them, and am stoked to see that they've finally been released:

If you're into snowboarding, or just would like to have my artwork to hang on your wall, each of these features my sketch art on them, and can be purchased here.
I'm excited to see how these came out, and eagerly awaiting the copy I'm supposed to get via the job contract! Sweet!


Mighty Kwan said...

Heya Joshua! Great work man! I really enjoy your podcast! It's great to know that I am not alone in my struggles! Thanks for making the weekdays a bit more endurable!

Also, I featured your podcast a little while ago on my blog! I think it's a great tool for other illustrators! Keep up the great work! And tell Mai she rocks!!

Joshua Kemble Illustrations said...

Thanks Kwan! I'm glad you like the show, and was flattered by your blog post! And we're definitely planning on having Mai on the show in the near future, so stay tuned :)