Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Interview, and loads of new shirts!

I just recently finished a shirt with the fine folks at the Chop Shop store. I've been a huge fan of their shirts, and was super excited to work with them on the FILTER HEROES t-shirt! Which you can check out (above) and if you like it purchase it in their store section, which you can get to by clicking here.

Threadless has printed two more of my designs, "Everyday Life Would Be Cooler With Sound Effects," And "U.S.S. Awesome" Both of which you can obtain by clicking here or here.

And, finally, when the Filter Heroes Shirt came out online, it became pretty viral. So, the awesome folks at Visualmente.blogspot.com were kind enough to approach me for an interview about illustration, t-shirt design, and creating comic books. Check that out by clicking here!

Thanks to my clients who've hired me thus far, and to those of you who've been listening to the Big Illustration Party Time podcast, as well as those of you who've been supportive of my work. I feel fortunate to have a busy schedule as of late, and will definitely be posting more work soon.

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