Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Illustration for Willamette Week

Yesterday I got hired to knock out a spot illustration for the news section of the Willamette Week. They were in need of a quick turn around, so I had about 3 hours to pencil, ink, scan, color, and send this illustration, and am pretty happy with how it came out:
This is how it looked today (the day after I sent it in) on page 11 of the Willamette Week:

Friday, September 25, 2009

Jacob's Apartment Page 81 Process

As I've said, I'm going to be posting more of my work in progress, because I personally like seeing that on artist's blogs. Here's page 81 of Jacob's Appartment in progress, I'll post more on this blog as I go through the different stages.

First, I start my pages by loosely thumbnailing/writing the page. At this stage it's embarrassingly rough:
Then I proceed to rule out the panel borders, and do penciling with a mechanical pencil:
I then use circle templates, my rolling ruler, and a micron to rule out the hard lines and shapes:
Next, I ink the panels, using microns, my pilot pocket brush pen, and clean up little errors with a white out pen... Then I erase the underlying pencils and sweep off the shavings with a brush:
Then, I clean up the inks in photoshop after scanning in the ink work:

"The Infinite Canvas" T-shirt Design Process

I thought I'd start posting some process pictures. Here's a few pictures from the latest t-shirt design I did "The Infinite Canvas", in progress:

First I sketched the girl character:

Next, I wanted her to be doing graphite of life drawings, so I scanned some sketches from my sketchbook:
Next, I inked the girl figure, as well as the background each separately (didn't scan the background drawing) using my pilot pocket brush pen:
Lastly, I scanned in the image of the girl, the sketches, and the background, cleaned them up, then colored them on photoshop:
And then I subbed the design to threadless... It should be available to vote on within a few days, so if you feel like it, your vote for it to win the competition would rock some socks:
The Infinite Canvas - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New T-Shirt Designs That Need Your Votes!

As you all well know, I regularly submit my work to t-shirt design competitions. I'd appreciate it if you could check out the designs linked below, and give them your fair weathered votes. If they win the competitions, they'll get printed as shirts, and provide some extra income for my fiance and I to pay rent with. Check them out, and your votes and comments are greatly appreciated:

Design By Humans Submissions:

And LaFraise Submissions:

Friday, September 4, 2009


So about a year ago, after moving to Portland, OR, one of my first clients to contact me was a sweet snowboard manufacturer in Canada, named CLYDE snowboards. Anyhow, I did a series of snowboards called "Truce" for them, and am stoked to see that they've finally been released:

If you're into snowboarding, or just would like to have my artwork to hang on your wall, each of these features my sketch art on them, and can be purchased here.
I'm excited to see how these came out, and eagerly awaiting the copy I'm supposed to get via the job contract! Sweet!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Interview, and loads of new shirts!

I just recently finished a shirt with the fine folks at the Chop Shop store. I've been a huge fan of their shirts, and was super excited to work with them on the FILTER HEROES t-shirt! Which you can check out (above) and if you like it purchase it in their store section, which you can get to by clicking here.

Threadless has printed two more of my designs, "Everyday Life Would Be Cooler With Sound Effects," And "U.S.S. Awesome" Both of which you can obtain by clicking here or here.

And, finally, when the Filter Heroes Shirt came out online, it became pretty viral. So, the awesome folks at were kind enough to approach me for an interview about illustration, t-shirt design, and creating comic books. Check that out by clicking here!

Thanks to my clients who've hired me thus far, and to those of you who've been listening to the Big Illustration Party Time podcast, as well as those of you who've been supportive of my work. I feel fortunate to have a busy schedule as of late, and will definitely be posting more work soon.