Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bigfoot, Villains, and Klostermen!

 Above is the cover/back cover artwork I did for Bruce Phillip Hood's startling, funny, witty, and sometimes highly disturbing tale of Bigfoot, "Bigfoot Down." It's a good read, and it's now up for sale on Amazon's Kindle Store. And features cover artwork by me. Definitely not one for the kids, but a really exhilarating and strange tale. Pick up a copy by clicking here.

Next, the kind folks at Threadless Reprinted an oldie, but goodie created by me, called "the League of Clich√© Evil Super-Villains" which you can purchase, and should purchase, here:

It's now available as an Iphone case as well!

Lastly, my buddies at Devastator Quarterly have posted a really great preview of the Invasion of the Klostermen! Story, for which I created the cover (back cover artwork) for. If you're into satire, and down for a laugh, check that out here:

That's it for now... My graduate thesis project is well underway, and I'll be updating with more awesome stuff, and frequency then!

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