Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Big Illustration Party Time Returns With a BANG!

Just letting everyone know that the podcast Big Illustration Party Time, which I cohost with my buddy Kevin Cross, has returned.  We've got a new URL: and we've already got a new episode out: Episode 45! Check it out!

Also, thanks to our loyal listenership, we made the top ten design podcasts on itunes with our debut!

If you listened to the show in the past or might have just discovered it, you can contact us at with your questions or comments. We'll read them on the air, so please include your URL so we can give you proper credit. Heck... if you wanna send us an MP3, that'd be super cool! We'll play those too.

1 comment:

Shane Smith said...

Glad you guys are back, it's been too quiet without you!