Friday, July 2, 2010

Garcon Chic "Ri-evolution" Project

Elvio Esposito contacted me to be one of 6 hand picked designers to design a comic book/ t-shirt that would promote their "Ri-evolution" AIDS awareness campaign in collaboration with Italian League for the Fight Against AIDS (LILA). This was a complicated commission, and it took me a while to figure out how to properly represent the juxtaposition of the garcon chic brand, which is supposed to be sophisticated, depicts a love of life, and the beauty of night, with the harsh and saddening topic of aids and aids awareness. So after long deliberation, here's what I wrote and came up with:
My contribution was to write and draw a comic that would capture the elegance and love of life that the Garcon Chic brand aims to represent, while also discussing the problem of aids, and horrors in the world.

The best part about this project was that on the onset, Garcon Chic stated I had total creative freedom with the job, and to my pleasant surprise, there were no revisions needed, and indeed, I got to create exactly what I'd initially envisioned:

The “"Ri-evolution" Tour is a summer campaign of theme-events that will be held in some of the most renowned Italian and European disco clubs with the aim of making people more aware on the use of condoms, by free mass distribution of brand personalized condoms.

Check out a higher res version here:

And Garcon Chic's website:


gonzalexx said...

So well written, drawn, and executed that it hurts, Josh! Awesome doesn't cover it. No wonder it was approved immediately. Way to go, man!

mai s kemble said...

I really like it... :)

nya nya I gotta see it in person! :) hee hee.

I wish artists were allowed to have creative control more often...