Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Shirts, New Vox Comic, and new move!!!

Ladies and Gents, I'm now back living in California, and am currently staying at my families house in the Antelope Valley while Mai and I search for apartments in the Orange County area. The move was hectic, but fun, but some cool stuff happened on the move:

1. My "puppet check up" design was on sale for 24 hours on teefury, and did REALLY well, selling over 1,000 copies in the short time it was available, getting the coveted cute "hotcakes" icon that teefury places on top sellers. Thanks to everyone who bought a copy, as it'll be helping me pay for the downpayment wherever Mai and I decide to settle down again! check out the reaction on the blog from when the shirt was up for sale. It was awesome:
2. Go Ape Shirts finally released one of my favorite designs that I've done, titled "Vintage Pretension." Here's a picture their owner Josh took of the printed shirt:
And, here's a link to go ape's blog about it:
And, finally, here's a link to where you can pick one up:

3. New Vox Africanus Cartoon for the, written by Lawrence Ross, and drawn by me. This one pokes fun at Arizona's new law, which practically legalizes racial profiling:
Read the full comic here:

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GARZA said...

Nice shirt design! Really dig your comic too, I live in AZ and this new bill is seriously ridiculous! I think that it's awesome how other artists are doing what they can to show how unjust and wrong this bill really is, as well as the racist agendas of our state. Really nice job man!