Sunday, April 4, 2010

Episode 2 of Podcast/ New Shirt for Sale!

So, I updated Episode 2 of my new podcast "Examined Life of an Illustrator." In it I talk about going to art school, and how beneficial it can be to a young aspiring illustrator, as well as other things! Check it out here: by listening to it in the sidebar, or you can also get it directly from the talkshoe page by clicking here.

Unfortunately, it takes a while for a new cast to be available on i-tunes, but it should be on itunes within the next week or so. I'll definitely keep you guys in the loop whenever that happens!

Next up, there's some fantastic news! A few years ago, Dutch Southern, a rad t-shirt company, commissioned me to do this t-shirt design "You're So Cool", based on the movie "True Romance":
A few years went by, but they finally printed up the shirts, and now have them for sale at there fine website, so check that out, and if you'd like you can purchase one of your own, by going here:

They're an awesome company, and the above link has a much more awesome description of the shirt! Thanks, and that'll do it for this post!

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