Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Design A Day #8 and Troubles are solved!

Good News, I've managed to recover all of my data, thanks to the kind folks at drivesavers.com, and am now back in business, which means I have lots of freelance work to catch up on, and can also get back to designing! Here's my 8th design a day:

"Infinerdty" A shirt design about nerds for infinity!
If you like this design, please vote for it to win the ongoing threadless design competition, and leave your comments for it too by clicking below! Thanks!
Infinerdty - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More


mai s kemble said...

Aw, so nice when you have some happy news!!
Hope all else is running smoothly now, too!!!!

funny design, too!!
Infinity signs used to be kind of thing between me and my friend back in middle school... ah, memories!
Those glasses are actually the type of thing they'd sell at our store...

mai s kemble said...

FYI-voted!! :)$5

Jason said...

Glad you got your files back Josh! Looking forward to seeing your new work!