Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Shirt Design Posted!

I got in a rather silly mood and decided to do a new submission for threadless. If you guys like what you see, once the shirt is up for voting, your votes would be much appreciated. Here's the design:
Here's the link to vote for it to be printed as a t-shirt on design by humans:
Click here to vote for this to win on design by humans
This is the first of what I'm thinking will be a new goal, which will be to attempt to make a new shirt design every day of the year. We'll see how well it goes!


Nine Three Studio said...

This will definetely win to get printed. Brilliant!

Ray Bonilla said...


Chris Kawagiwa [Storyboards] said...

Heh nice--!

mai s kemble said...

I like the way you did this... I pictured it much more cartoony in style when you described it to me, but I love the black!
and pretty?? cool!

Joshua Kemble Illustrations said...

Thanks guys! I hope so, it's now up for voting on design by humans!