Monday, December 21, 2009

The Pinwheel of death for sale for 24 hours!

A design I did a while ago is up for sale, but only for the limited time of the next 24 hours! Pick one out, if you're a mac user, like my designs, and are in the know about the "beachball of doom" or the "pinwheel of death"

You can purchase yours here, for a limited time:


Broken Design said...

Don't suppose there's any way you can distribute this design through Threadless or any other shirt company? It was going to be an instant purchase but then I realized the design was a day old and "gone forever," which I still think is the dumbest business model ever. Pleeeeeeeeeease release this elsewhere!

Joshua Kemble Illustrations said...

I'll definitely let you know if the design is ever printed elsewhere :)

mamasoto said...

Sweet design concept! That pinwheel of "Mac-death" is NOT my friend! lol :)